Alaska! is an indie rock trio from the United States. The band was formed in San Francisco by Russell Pollard (formerly of Sebadoh and later of the Folk Implosion), Imaad Wasif (also later of Folk Implosion), with Lesley Ishino (formerly of the Red Aunts) later joining as drummer.


The band released their debut album, Emotions, in 2003, and a second, Rescue Through Tomahawk in 2005.

  • Emotions (B-Girl Records, February, 2003)
  • Happiness 2004
  • Rescue Through Tomahawk (Altitude Records, 2005)
  • "Kiss You" (Single) (Altitude Records, 2005)
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  • "Creative Alaska! One Heck of an Icebreaker." Pioneer Press. (subscription required)
  • Gold in Alaska! - Page 1 - Music - Dallas - Dallas Observer

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